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If you have problems logging into the system, complete the information in the following form and tell us your problem and you will receive technical support as soon as possible.

Your MyHBL.com user is the email from which the registration was confirmed, if you do not have access to it we cannot to confirm your identity.

In this case you must request your president through whatsapp to carry out the following actions:

1 - Delete your account associated to the Id Herbalife that you provided us, including your progress on MyHBL.com

2 - Approve the Herbalife Id for registration again

After your president completed these actions you will can register again through your Herbalife Id.

We have successfully received your support request.

Our support channel works during:

Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm / Miami, EEUU

Average response time is 24 to 48 business hours.

Here you can read the most frequently asked questions.

1) How do I register?
Enter your HERBALIFE ID in the box identified with "Id - Herbalife" and then click on the "Verify Id" button. If the Herbalife ID belongs to an organization approved to enter the platform and you are authorized to register, you will get a message indicating that the Herbalife ID is approved to register. You must press the "Continue" button and the system will send you an email that must be validated and then complete the registration information.
2) What is my username?
The login user is the EMAIL used to register on the platform.
3) I try to enter and a message appears: "The user is not registered"?
You are miswriting the email and the system cannot get it in the registered users.
4) I try to login and a message appears: "Verify your access credentials"?
You are miswriting the password.
5) I don't remember my username?
You must click on Forgot your username? or enter your HERBALIFE ID in the box identified with "Id - Herbalife" and then click on the "Verify Id" button. As a security measure, only part of your user will be shown so that you can obtain a clue of it.
6) I do not remember my password?
You must click on Forgot your password? and enter the EMAIL that you use to register on the platform. The system will send you an email with the steps to follow to change the password.
7) I don't remember neither my username nor my password.
Recover your user first as indicated in question (5) and then recover your password as indicated in step (6).
8) I do not receive emails sent by the platform.
Check your SPAM tray. Sometimes the sent mail can be there. Other reasons why you don't receive mail: your mailbox may be full, that the email you used to register is no longer active, the email you used to register is misspelled.
9) My Herbalife ID has not yet been approved.
If your Herbalife ID belongs to an organization approved to enter the platform, you must wait for the President of that organization to approve the access to register. To expedite approval, click on "Can not log in ?, contact us", fill in your details, in the support reason choose "My Herbalife ID has not been approved". An email will be sent to the president of the organization with the approval request of the Herbalife ID.
10) I no longer have access to the mail I used to register.
If you do not have access to the email you use to registered on the platform. You will have to delete your current user by clicking on: 1 - "Can not you log in ?, contact us", 2 - Are you registered? Yes, 3 - Do you remember your username? Yes, 4 - Is there a problem with your user? Yes, 5 Do you have access to the email you used to register? Not, 6 - Do you want to delete your registered user? All training progress you have made will be removed. You will have to wait again for your president to authorize your new registration. Yes, 7 - Enter Your herbalife id and press continue.
11) I want to register with a different email than the one I have registered at myherbalife.com.
Currently, when registering you can change the registration email, however we highly recommend that you correct your email at myherbalife.com and wait for the system to automatically take that change and be able to register with the same corrected email.
12) "Invalid Email" message when entering the mail.
Verify that the email is well written and complies with the general email format: user@domain.com. Sometimes, depending on the device you are using, the system may throw an email validation error so it is well written. In that case we recommend you to do the process from a computer with the Chrome browser.

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